Cable's Askani'son and X.S.E. Page

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X.S.E.: Hecate. Omega squad: Bishop, deceased-Shard, deceased- Malcolm and deceased- Randall. Gamma squad: deceased-Switch, deceased-Augment, deceased-Angle and deceased-Camera. Former members of the X.S.E.: deceased- Summers, Archer, Fixx, deceased-Greystone, deceased-Fitzroy, Shirley Baylor, Feral II, deceased- Hancock, deceased- Trace, Amazon II, Recoil, deceased- Sureshot and Rochimbeaux. Defunct-X.U.E.: deceased-Shard, Fixx, Archer and deceased-Greystone. Former member: deceased- Fitzroy.

The Phoenix Corporation: Edan Younge and Faithful John. The new Askani: deceased- grandma Wu and Johnthan "Earthsalt" Wu (Johnthan Wu is still alive). The Original Askani: Rachel Summers alias Mother Askani, Blaquesmith, deceased- Malachi Hark and Ozana (Ozana is still alive), Lexii and deceased- Qua. Defunct-Askani'son: Nathan Summers alias Askani'son, Tetherblood and Jenskot's clanmates. Former members of Askani and Askani'son: (Askani'son mem.) Jon Spectre, (Askani'son members) all are deceased- Lark, Sepulcher, Adam Spectre, (Askani'son members) The Council, (Askani'son members) The Protectorate, (Askani mem.) deceased- Askani II, (Askani mem.) deceased- Boak I, (Askani mem.) deceased- Throeblood, (Ebonshire Askani mem.) Fossil, (Askani mem.) deceased- Askani I (Not mother Askani, Askani was an apprentice of the Askani sisterhood), (Askani'son mem.) deceased-Garrison Kane, (Askani'son mem.) traitor deceased- Tyler Summers alias Genesis, (Askani'son members) Eleven (zero android), Boak II (cynthezoid), traitor-Hope I (black woman), Dawnsilk (white woman), (Askani'son mem.) Silo, (Askani member later leader of Ebonshire Askani) Tanya Trask alias Madam Sanctity, (Member of Ebonshire Askani) Ch'vayre, (Askani clan II leader) Prior Turrin, (Ebonshire Askani member later Askani'son member) deceased- Aliya Summers alias Jenskot, (Ebonshire Askani member later Askani'son member) Prosh (Prosh is Professor combined with Ship given physical form), (Askani clan II member) Skerrit, (Askani clan II member) deceased- Siddard, (Askani clan II member) deceased- Gyak, (Askani'son member) traitor deceased- Korless, (Ebonshire Askani member) traitor deceased- Umbridge and (Askani clan II member) Pruxuse. The Order of Outsiders: all are deceased- Madame Mui and Parliament, Diogenes (Diogenes is still alive), Madame Sanctity's sisters (All are still alive) and deceased- Squyrr.