Ronin's Excalibur Bio Page

Real name: Brian Braddock alias Captain Britain

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'6 Weight: 257 lbs.

First appearance: Captain Britain Weekly #1 1976

Bio: English born Brian is not a mutant he is the younger brother of the mutant Jamie Braddock and the twin of Betsy Braddock. Brian Braddock's life almost ended when he was young but the man known as Merlyn saw something in Brian. He gave Brian an amulet that granted him super powers and restored his health. Brian became England's champion Captain Britain. He did not become affiliated with the X-Men until years later when he became a founding member of Excalibur. It was later revealed that Brian and Rachel Summers could not both be in the present. Rachel took Brian's place in the future. Brian returned to the present but left Excalibur. He joined a temporary Excalibur team to rescue Otherworld. Brian was also a member of New Excalibur. When the Scarlet Witch altered reality Brian's wife Megan sacrificed her life to close a rip in space. Currently Brian is a member of MI13 and he has found his wife Megan alive.

Real name: Lockheed alias Lockheed

Hair color: No hair Eyes: All yellow no visible pupils or irises

Height: 2'6 Weight: 20 lbs.

Unusual features: Resembles a small purple dragon

Alien nationality: Flock

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #166 1983

Bio: Lockheed is not a mutant but instead is an alien and a member of a race Kitty calls the Flock. The Flock hunt the dangerous aliens the Brood. Lockheed first met Kitty when he rescued her from a Brood alien. He stowed away aboard the X-Men's spaceship and landed on Earth with them. Kitty later found him at the estate. When Kitty joined Excalibur Lockheed went with her. During his time with Excalibur Lockheed revealed to Pete Wisdom that he can speak English. When Kitty returned to the X-Men so did Lockheed. Lockheed is currently a teacher at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. However Kitty Pryde who Lockheed is loyal to left and Lockheed may have gone with her.

Real name: Megan Braddock

Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7 Weight: 120 lbs.

Unusual features: Pointed ears

First appearance: Mighty World of Marvel Vol. 2 #7 1983

Bio: The young mutant known as Megan Braddock was originally believed to be a pixie she also had a less human appearance. Eventually she found Brian Braddock whom she fell in love with. Megan's appearance changed and became more human but she kept her pointed ears. Years passed before Megan joined an X-Men related team she became a founding member of Excalibur. Megan left the team for awhile only to return to the team before it disbanded. Before they went their separate ways Megan married Brian. When the Scarlet Witch altered reality Megan seemingly sacrificed her life to repair a rip in space. She was found alive by MI13 and reunited with her husband Brian Braddock.

Real name: Kurt Wagner alias Nightcrawler

Hair color: Blue Eyes: All yellow with no visible
pupils or irises

Height: 5'9 Weight: 161 lbs.

Unusual features: Covered in blue fur, pointed ears, all yellow eyes, three
fingers on each hand and a prehensile tail

First appearance: Giant Size X-Men #1 1975

Bio: Kurt Wagner is the biological son of Azazel and Raven Darkholme. Born a mutant Kurt was almost killed by his mother who dropped him over a cliff. Kurt teleported to safety. He was found by Margali Szardos a Gypsy and raised in a circus with her children Amanda and Stefan. Kurt performed in the circus in Germany and people thought he was wearing a costume. The first time Kurt took a life was when he was forced to kill his corrupt adoptive brother Stefan. Kurt a religious man was heavily burdened by this. Years later as an adult an angry mob tried to kill Kurt. Professor Charles Xavier rescued Kurt and he joined the Giant Size X-Men team. When his teammates were believed to be deceased Kurt traveled to England with Kitty Pryde and Lockheed. They founded Excalibur. The team was disbanded so Kurt, Kitty and Piotr could look for Xavier. Kurt was killed by the Sentinel Bastion. He was not alive when an insane Cyclops killed Xavier. Kurt emerged alive in an alternate dimension where he battled his father Azazel and hoped to be reunited with his friends.

Real name: Rachel "Ray" Anne Grey alias Phoenix II

Hair color: Red Eyes: Green

Height: 5'7 Weight: 125 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #141 1981

Bio: Rachel "Ray" Grey was born in the future the biological daughter of Jean Grey Summers and Scott Summers. Her parents were killed by Sentinels. As a teenager Rachel joined a resistance movement made up of former X-Men, Magneto and Franklin Richards. To alter history Rachel sent an older Katherine Pryde's mind back to the present and placed her mind in a teenage Kitty Pryde's body. The resistance movement a failure Rachel traveled back in time to alter the past and save the future. Her trip was a one way journey and she was not able to return to her own time. Rachel joined the X-Men. When they seemingly perished Rachel went to England where she joined Excalibur. Excalibur disbanded and Rachel rejoined the X-Men. She was stranded in outer space with her uncle Alexander Summers and his former girlfriend Lorna Dane. They returned to Earth before Black Bolt killed Vulcan. Rachel came back to the ranks of the X-Men. Following the schism between Cyclops and Wolverine. Rachel joined the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning as a teacher. During the Avengers Vs. X-Men event Rachel sided with her father Scott Summers. When the Battle of the Atom event happened Rachel joined Kitty Pryde to try to keep the teenage X-Men in the present.

Real name: Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde alias

Hair color: Brown Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'5 Weight: 110 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #129 1980

Bio: Katherine "Kitty" Pryde was born the daughter of two Jewish parents. As a teenager Katherine excelled at school and was an honors student. When her mutation manifested Kitty experienced migraines one day it was followed by her phasing through her bedroom floor to the ground floor. The Hellfire Club learned Kitty was a mutant and sent Emma Frost to recruit her. Kitty not liking Miss Frost declined. Well out with James, Ororo and Piotr they were attacked by the Hellfire Club. Kitty phased free she sneaked in Emma's car and attempted at a warehouse to try to free the others. Ororo gave her a number to contact. The other X-Men arrived and liberated their teammates and Kitty. They then returned Kitty to her parents. Years later after Jean seemingly perished Kitty joined the X-Men. She fell in love with Piotr. When the X-Men seemingly died Kitty helped found Excalibur. Excalibur disbanded so Kitty, Kurt and Piotr could find Xavier. She went back to the X-Men but left after Piotr seemingly died. Kitty returned joining the Astonishing X-Men only to apparently die herself. Years later she was found alive by Magneto who returned Kitty to Earth. Following the schism between Cyclops and Wolverine Kitty went to New York and joined the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. When the Battle of the Atom event happened Kitty felt betrayed by her friends she left the Jean Grey School.

Real name: Katherine Anne Pryde Rasputin alias Widget

Hair color: No hair Eyes: White with no visible pupils
or irises

Height: 10 inches Weight: 10 lbs.

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #1 1988

Bio: Katherine Pryde Rasputin in the future was the spouse of Piotr Rasputin. Her husband was killed by Sentinels. Efforts to alter the future failed and Katherine was placed inside a robotic body she traveled backwards in time. Her consciousness wound up in a robotic floating head dubbed Widget. Widget became a founding member of Excalibur. Years later Widget gained a robotic body and the ability to speak. Widget was ripped away from Excalibur and did not return until the team disbanded. Later Widget appeared as an agent of Kang. After that Widget joined Captain Britain and Megan Braddock in Otherworld. Sadly Widget was seemingly killed.

Real name: Alistaire Stuart alias none

Hair color: Black Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'4 Weight: 170 lbs.

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #6 1989

Bio: Alistaire Stuart is the twin sibling of Brigadier General Alysande Stuart. Alistaire at a young age was gifted with a high intellect. Well his sister when she was old enough joined the military Alistaire went on to become a scientist. Together the two formed W.H.O. or the Weird Happenings Organization. Sadly Alistaire's sister Alysande was framed for corruption and killed by Jamie Braddock. Following his sister's death Alistaire became the sole head boss of the W.H.O. An alternate reality version of his sister going by the code name Caledonia was brought to Earth six one six but Alistaire Stuart is unaware of her presence. Alistaire became a founding member of MI13.

Real name: Alysande Stuart alias none

Hair color: Black Eyes: Blue Height: 5'6 Weight: 130 lbs.

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #6 1989

Bio: Alysande Stuart was the twin sibling of Alistaire Stuart. Well Alistaire was gifted with a high intellect Alysande had an average intellect she joined the military and rose to the rank of Brigadier General. With her brother they formed W.H.O. sadly Alysande was killed by Jamie Braddock. Alysande's story did not end with her death in an alternate reality the Scottish native was the sole survivor of a massacre of the Scottish people. She took the name Caledonia and was rescued by the Fantastic Four and brought to Earth six one six. Her brother Alistaire Stuart is unaware that she is in his reality.

Real name: Cerise alias Cerise

Hair color: Black, maroon, pink and white Eyes:

Height: 5'11 Weight: 125 lbs.

Unusual features: Cerise has feathers instead of hair and violet

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #46 1992

Bio: Cerise was bio genetically created to serve the Sh'iar as a warrior. Cerise wound up on Earth where she joined Excalibur and developed a relationship with Nightcrawler. Cerise returned to the Sh'iar empire where she was arrested and tried for crimes against the empire. Cerise was cleared of all charges by Majestrix Lilandra Neramani. Cerise went on the make minor appearances until recently when she became an ally of Gamora.

Real name: Jimaine Szardos alias Amanda Sefton
code name Daytripper

Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6 Weight: 110 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #98 1976

Bio: Jimaine Szardos is the adoptive sister of the X-Man Kurt Wagner. She was raised with Kurt by their mother Margali Szardos. Years later Jimaine Szardos through a spell took on a different appearance and the name Amanda Sefton not remembering her true identity. As Amanda she dated Kurt Wagner until she regained her memories and told Kurt they were siblings. Jimaine took the code name Daytripper and joined the ranks of Excalibur. Her membership was brief and she soon left. Jimaine met Excalibur again when her mother corrupted became a member of the London Hellfire Club. Margali Szardos sought to unleash a magic spell on England. Margali wound up with her mind in Jimaine's body and Jimaine's in Margali's but Excalibur learned the truth and restored her to her own body. Following the death of Illyana, Jimaine became the new Magik and ruler of Limbo. But when Illyana turned up alive Jimaine was forced to flee to the regular realm. Jimaine's current whereabouts are unknown.

Real name: Feron alias Feron

Hair color: Black Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'6 Weight: 125 lbs.

Unusual features: Feron has pointed ears

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #48 1992

Bio: The wizard known as Feron hailed from an alternate reality he was the descendant of other wizards also named Feron. Feron aided Excalibur in battling a corrupt wizard named Necrom. Feron joined the ranks of Excalibur but altered his physical form becoming a liquid he did not become solid until years later. Blaming Excalibur he attacked them but soon realized they were not at fault. Feron was present at Brian Braddock and Megan's wedding.

Real name: Colin McKay alias Kylun

Hair color: Orange Eyes: Red

Height: 5'11 Weight: 170 lbs.

Unusual features: Feline like eyes, orange
brownish fur and enlarged canines

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #2 1988

Bio: Colin McKay first appeared as a child he was ripped from the regular reality and sent to an alternate Earth by Widget. Colin grew up there and his mutation manifested itself granting him a feline like appearance and the ability to mimic sounds. Colin taking the code name Kylun was trained to be a warrior. Kylun blamed Excalibur for Necrom's massacre of his people. He made his way back to the regular reality to enact his revenge but instead joined Excalibur. Colin was present at the wedding of Brian Braddock and Megan.

Real name: Scott Wright alias Micromax

Hair color: Brown Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7 Weight: 140 lbs.

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #44 1991

Bio: Scott Wright was a pudgy man until his mutant ability kicked in he was able to make his appearance muscular. Scott was recruited by a government organization when they learned of his ability to shrink or grow in size. An agent of Necrom killed several of Scott's teammates and he teamed up with Excalibur to stop the agent. Scott going by the code name Micromax became an unofficial member of Excalibur. Micromax was abducted by the R.C.X. and rescued by Excalibur. Scott was present at Brian Braddock and Megan's wedding. When the Scarlet Witch depowered most mutants Scott was one of about two hundred to retain his powers. He joined a S.H.I.E.L.D. sponsored team led by Bishop with fellow team member Sabra. They attempted to arrest the X-Men but failed. Scott Wright's current location is unknown.

Real name: Piotr "Peter" Nikolaievitch Rasputin alias Colossus

Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'6 Weight: 250 lbs.

Unusual features: In armor form Peter's height is 7'5 his weight
is 500 lbs. and his eyes are silver

First appearance: Giant Size X-Men #1 1975

Bio: Piotr Rasputin grew up in Russia on a farm which he worked as a young man. A man named Professor Charles Xavier witnessed Piotr's mutant ability when Piotr rescued his sister from a tractor. Piotr was recruited to the ranks of the X-Men. The original X-Men left and the new team took over. Piotr's parents died and he was grief stricken but still had his younger sister Illyana. Illyana was taken to the realm Limbo and came back a teenager. However she was restored to a child. Illyana contracted the Legacy Virus and died. Piotr betrayed the X-Men and joined the ranks of the Acolytes. Eventually over his grief Piotr joined Excalibur when the team disbanded he rejoined the X-Men with Kitty and Kurt. Piotr gave his life to cure the Legacy Virus. For years Piotr was believed to be dead until the Astonishing X-Men found Peter alive aboard an alien spaceship. Peter joined the Astonishing X-Men even after Kitty seemingly died. Peter relocated to San Francisco and the island Utopia with the rest of the X-Men. Following the Avengers Vs. X-Men event Peter left the X-Men he later joined X-Force.

Real name: Warlock II alias Douglock

Hair color: No hair Eyes: Black

Height: Variable Weight: Variable

Unusual features: Techno organic skin instead of flesh

First appearance: New Mutants Vol. 1 #18 1984

Bio: The alien known as Warlock hailed from a world where the beings were comprised of techno organics instead of flesh. Warlock was a mutant among his race and possessed feelings. Fearing his deactivation by Magus, Warlock fled to Earth. He joined the New Mutants and was a mainstay member of the team. Warlock was particularly close to team mate Doug Ramsey who was his best friend. When the Ani-mator killed Doug, Warlock was devastated. Warlock seemingly perished on Genosha when the anti mutant Cameron Hodge drained his life. However Warlock was reactivated he took on the appearance of Doug and called himself Douglock. As Douglock he joined Excalibur. After the team disbanded Warlock had grieved over Doug and was able to move on he took on his Warlock appearance. As Warlock he rejoined the New Mutants. With them he found the resurrected Doug Ramsey. Warlock used his techno organics to purge Doug of Selene's brainwashing. The New Mutants has since then disbanded and Warlock's current location is unknown.

Real name: Calvin "Cal" Montgomery Rankin

Hair color: Brown Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'2 Weight: 225 lbs.

Unusual features: Enlarged hands and feet. Wings sprouting
from back.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #19 1966

Bio: The teenager Cal Rankin was the son of a scientist not a mutant himself he gained his ability to mimic super powered abilities from a chemical accident. Nearby the original X-Men he took on their abilities Cal joined the ranks of the X-Men. He betrayed them and abducted Marvel Girl seeking a way to make the powers permanent. Cal used a machine his father created but it took away Cal's powers. Cal Rankin later regained his powers and rejoined the X-Men only to lose his powers defeating the Super Adaptoid. Years later Calvin became repowered he joined Excalibur until the team disbanded. Calvin wound up on the other side joining the Brotherhood of Mutants. Cal was incarcerated by Norman Osborn but freed to become a member of his Dark X-Men. With Norman Osborn defeated Cal was free from his influence he joined the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Real name: Doctor Moira Ann Kinross MacTaggert
alias none

Hair color: Brown Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7 Weight: 135 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #96 1975

Bio: Moira Kinross met Charles Xavier when they were in their late teens. Charles fell deeply in love with Moira and proposed but Moira was not ready for a commitment and she turned Charles down. Before Charles recruited the new X-Men as an adult he went to Moira and recruited her students to rescue the original X-Men. The mission was a disaster Petra and Sway were killed and Armando and Vulcan went missing. Moira met a man named Joseph MacTaggert the two were wed and had a son Kevin. Kevin as a teenager had a mutant ability to warp reality but it was killing him. Moira joined the new X-Men at the Xavier's School for the Gifted. They battled Moira's son Kevin and the X-Man Colossus was forced to kill Kevin. When the X-Men seemingly died Moira joined Xavier in forming a school for the New Mutants. Years later Moira MacTaggert used her home on the island Muir Island as headquarters for Excalibur. The team disbanded and Moira was infected with the Legacy Virus she found a cure but was mortally wounded Mystique's new Brotherhood. Moira sadly passed away in the Blackbird. Moira MacTaggert was resurrected during the Chaos War she was reunited with her deceased boyfriend Sean Cassidy. Following the Chaos War Moira returned to the realm of the deceased her boyfriend Sean however was resurrected using the Death Seed and Life Seed by the Apocalypse twins.

Real name: Peter Paul Wisdom alias none

Hair color: Black Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'9 Weight: 158 lbs.

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #86 1995

Bio: Pete Wisdom put his mutant ability to use serving as a covert operations agent for a secret organization called Black Air. Pete learned their true intentions and he betrayed Black Air. He became a member of Excalibur Pete was not one for uniforms or code names and just went by Pete Wisdom. Pete left Excalibur before the team disbanded. Years later Pete joined X-Force as their leader he was seemingly killed. However Pete resurfaced alive as the leader of an English team called MI 13. Pete with the team saw the death of a team member. The addition of new team members and the return of an old friend who had been presumed deceased.

Real name: Doctor Roderick "Rory" Campbell
alias Ahab

Hair color: Brown with white streak in bang
Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'1 Weight: 166 lbs.

First appearance: Fantastic Four Annual #23 1990

Bio: Doctor Roderick Campbell was an associate of Doctor Moira MacTaggert. He interviewed a captured Acolyte named Spoor. Spoor used his ability to heighten aggression in others costing Doctor Campbell his left leg below the knee. Doctor Campbell became an unofficial member of Excalibur. With the Legacy Virus running rampant Campbell cut a deal with the Hellfire Club he gained a prosthetic leg and funding to find a cure for the virus. Excalibur convinced Doctor Campbell to sever his ties with the Hellfire Club. It appeared as though Rory's future as the mutant slaying Ahab had been avoided but Rory was captured by Apocalypse and turned into his Horseman Famine. Now it appears that Doctor Rory Campbell cannot prevent his future as Ahab.

Real name: Rhane Sinclair alias Wolfsbane

Hair color: Red Eyes: Green

Height: 5'2 Weight: 110 lbs.

First appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4 1982

Bio: Rhane Sinclair's mother died when she was a child. She was raised by her strict Reverend father Craig Sinclair. When Rhane was a teenager her mutation manifested gifting Rhane the ability to turn into a werewolf or a wolf. Reverend Craig thought his daughter was a monster he organized a mob to kill her. Rhane was rescued by Moira MacTaggert. Moira became Rhane's adoptive mother she took Rhane to the Xavier School for the Gifted. There Rhane became a founding member of the New Mutants. Rhane formed a close bond with Doug Ramsey but Doug was killed. Rhane was with the New Mutants when they were led by Cable but she did not join X-Force. Rhane went on to become a member of X-Factor. When the team fell apart Rhane joined Excalibur. Excalibur disbanded so Kitty, Kurt and Peter could look for Xavier. Years later Rhane joined X-Factor Investigations she left the team for awhile to be a member of Uncanny X-Force. Well with X-Force she became pregnant with a child. Back with X-Factor she gave birth to a werewolf son she named Tier. Rhane rejected her son. Later she left the team to find Tier. Rhane returned with Tier when Darwin was trying to kill Tier to prevent an invasion of demon lords. In the end Guido killed Rhane's son Tier and became ruler of Hell. Rhane accepted a job at the Reverend John Maddox's church.

Real name: Sir Benedict of the Falls alias none

Hair color: No hair Eyes: Yellow irises

Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown

Unusual features: Red skin, horns growing from head,
pointed ears and yellow irises

Race: Humanoid dragon

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 2 #2 2001

Bio: Sir Benedict of the Falls is a humanoid dragon he is the guardian of the shrine of Captain Britain's father in Otherworld. When someone posing as Roma devastated Otherworld Sir Benedict was recruited by Captain Britain to a temporary Excalibur team. The real mastermind behind the assault on Otherworld was stopped and Sir Benedict resumed his original duties.

Real name: Dane Whitman alias the Black Knight III

Hair color: Brown Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'0 Weight: 190 lbs.

First appearance: Avengers Vol. 1 #47 1967

Bio: The man who would become known as the Black Knight was heir to a title held by a villain. When Dane Whitman donned the garb of the Black Knight and wielded the Ebony Blade he sought to atone for his uncle's past actions. As the Black Knight he joined the ranks of the Avengers. Dane eventually left the Avengers and joined the Heroes for Hire. When the team disbanded Dane went on to join a temporary Excalibur team. Years later Dane resurfaced this time as a member of MI 13 he helped battle a Skrull invasion and fend of vampires. Well with MI 13 it was revealed that Dane did not have the true Ebony Blade he soon found it.

Real name: Linda McQuillan alias Captain UK

Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'2 Weight: 165 lbs.

First appearance: Marvel Super Heroes #388 UK 1982

Bio: Linda McQuillan came from an alternate reality where super powered beings were eliminated being deemed a threat to normal humans. She managed to teleport herself using a device to Earth six one six. Linda joined the Captain Britain Corps. She became a temporary member of Excalibur when a new threat posing as Roma massacred the Captain Britain Corps. The temporary team stopped the threat and Linda remained in Otherworld.

Real name: Brian Braddock alias Crusader X

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'6 Weight: 257 lbs.

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 1 #21 1990

Bio: An alternate reality version of Brian Braddock hailing from Earth twenty one twenty two. Going by the name Crusader X he joined the ranks of the Captain Britain Corps. Crusader X was present at the wedding of Earth six one six Brian Braddock and Megan. Years later someone posing as Roma had the Captain Britain Corps massacred. Captain UK and Crusader X escaped and went to Earth six one six to get help. A temporary Excalibur team was created and they defeated the new threat. The mastermind of the events was revealed to be Kang aided by a new servant Widget.

Real name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock alias Psylocke

Hair color: In original body blonde in Asian body black
but she dyes it purple Eyes: Originally blue brown in
Asian body currently purple

Height: 5'11 Weight: 155 lbs.

Unusual feature: Purple eyes

Nationality: Japanese

First appearance: Captain Britain Vol. 1 #8 1976 U.K. and
New Mutants Annual #2 1986 United States

Bio: The young woman known as Betsy Braddock is the twin sibling of Brian Braddock. Well Brian took on the identity of Captain Britain, Betsy led a normal life. This changed when she developed telepathic abilities Betsy became a super hero in her own right. The twos first mission in the United States they encountered the New Mutants. Betsy and Captain Britain did not join New Mutants. Brian returned to England but Betsy remained in the U.S. she joined the ranks of the X-Men. During the Morlock Massacre Betsy fought the villain Sabretooth. Well with the X-Men in Australia Betsy's body was badly injured she was found by the shinobi Kwannon. Kwannon's body was also badly injured her lover Matsuo Tsuryaba took her to the alien Spiral. Spiral placed Kwannon's mind in Betsy's body and Betsy's mind in Kwannon's. Kwannon and Betsy now going by Psylocke confronted Matsuo they took one of his eyes as payment. Kwannon and Betsy joined the X-Men but Kwannon died from the Legacy Virus. Betsy was now trapped in an Asian woman's body. When Madelyn Pryor resurrected Betsy's original body and Spiral put her in it she was badly injured by Dazzler. Betsy returned to Kwannon's body. Well taking Kwannon to Japan for burial the Hand attacked and disintegrated Kwannon's body. Psylocke sought out Matsuo wanting revenge on him for what he did. She found Matsuo badly injured by Wolverine. Betsy felt pity for Matsuo and she seemingly killed him. Psylocke later joined Uncanny X-Force. Her boyfriend Warren was corrupted by the Shadow King. Grief stricken Betsy stabbed Warren with the Life Seed. Warren gained metal feather like wings and amnesia with no memory of his past deeds. The team disbanded and Psylocke later rejoined a new Uncanny X-Force. She was reunited with the traitor Bishop.

Real name: Strider alias Strider

Hair color: White Eyes: All black including irises

Height: 6'0 Weight: 2000 lbs.

Unusual features: Feathered wings on sides

First appearance: Heroes for Hire #2 1997

Dane Whitman alias the Black Knight's original horse Aragorn was entrusted to the care of the Valkyries. Well with Heroes for Hire he was given Strider. When the Black Knight went on to join a temporary Excalibur team he was seen with Strider. However Dane Whitman has retired Strider in favor of his original steed Aragorn. Dane appeared with MI 13 riding Aragorn.

Real name: Unknown alias Callisto

Hair color: Black Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'9 Weight: 130 lbs.

Unusual features: Eye patch over right eye and
scars on cheeks

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #169 Vol. 1 1983

Bio: The mutant known as Callisto was not always scarred when she was younger Callisto was a model. When her mutant abilities manifested Callisto lost her right eye to an angry mob. Bitter Callisto took to the sewers where she founded the Morlocks. Callisto fell in love with the X-Man Angel and abducted him she fought Storm who wounded her and took her place as leader of the Morlocks. However the Marauders massacred most of the Morlocks. Callisto blamed the X-Men for their deaths and vowed revenge against them. She later made her way to the decimated island of Genosha where she met Charles Xavier and Magneto. Callisto joined Excalibur however the team disbanded and following the Scarlet Witch's depowering of most of the mutants in the world Callisto lost her mutant powers. She surfaced years later when she accepted Quicksilver's aid to regain her mutant powers. However the Terrigen Mists augmented her hearing to the point that rain drops hurt her ears. Callisto appeared to warn Marrow not to accept Quicksilver's aid briefly joining the X-Cell. The mutants Abyss, Fatal and Blob took the Terrigen mists their mutant powers went out of control and Abyss transported them away. Callisto has not been seen since her time with the X-Cell.

Real name: Charles Francis Xavier alias Professor X

Hair color: Bald originally blond Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'0 Weight: 190 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #1 1963

Bio: The young boy named Charles Xavier's father passed away when he was a child his mother remarried a strict man named Kurt Marko. Kurt had his own son a lad who was older than Charles named Cain. Cain resented Charles for his accomplishments Charles excelled at sports and in the classrooms as an honor student. Charles mother Sharon passed away soon after and Cain beat Charles. Doctor Kurt Marko who favored Charles for his intelligence had been secretly beating Cain for years. Kurt Marko died in a lab accident. Years later as a teenager Charles mutant ability manifested it caused him to go bald at a young age. Charles enlisted in the military with Cain and they served in the Korean War. Charles served with distinction well Cain became a deserter. Charles met Moira Kinross the two dated and he proposed to her only Moira turned him down. Later Charles working at a hospital met a Jewish woman named Gabriela Haller and the man named Eric Lehnsherr who would become his close friend and mortal enemy. They stopped Baron Von Strucker and rescued Gabriela however Eric bitter vowed revenge against the humans. Gabriela unbeknownst to Charles became pregnant at some point and gave birth to their son David Haller. Charles battled the first evil mutant the Shadow King and later the alien Lucifer during this battle he was crippled. Charles returned to the states and he founded the Xavier School for the Gifted. Charles recruited the original X-Men. Years later he met his future wife an alien named Lilandra Nermani of the alien race the Sh'iar. Sadly Lilandra was killed by Scott Summer's younger brother Vulcan. Charles mourned her death. Charles who had been depowered but given his ability to walk back joined the X-Men on Utopia when he regained his mutant abilities. During the Avengers Vs. X-Men event Charles Xavier was unfortunately killed by his surrogate son Scott Summers who had taken in the Phoenix force and was driven insane.

Real name: Henry "Hank" Philip McCoy alias Dark Beast

Hair color: Grey Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'11 Weight: 400 lbs.

Unusual features: Bestial appearance similar to Henry's
original mutation, grey fur, enlarged canines and claws

First appearance: X-Men Alpha #1 1995

Bio: The mutant known as Henry McCoy experimented on himself granting himself his bestial form. When Apocalypse rose to power and massacred most humans Henry sided with Apocalypse. He became a member of a team called Factor-X. Taking the name Dark Beast he experimented on mutants deemed unworthy to serve Apocalypse. Eventually the AOA X-Men and X-Man killed Apocalypse witnessing the collapse of the society Dark Beast cherished he fled to Earth six one six. Arriving in the past he experimented on the Morlocks augmenting their abilities. The Morlock Massacre saw Dark Beast's plans in ruins. Dark Beast recruited the mutant known as Fatal and brainwashed Havok in to serving him. Eventually he was defeated following the depowering of most mutants Dark Beast retained his appearance he made his way to Genosha and joined Excalibur hoping to find a way to bring mutants back from the brink of extinction. Dark Beast became involved in Uncanny X-Force's attempt to save Archangel but he betrayed them. Dark Beast surfaced later when the Astonishing X-Men stopped him. The Sh'iar Warbird II tried to kill Dark Beast but her teammates stopped her.

Real name: Unknown alias Freak Show

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue

Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 3 #1 2004

Bio: The mutant who goes by the alias Freak Show was a Genoshan mutant he grew up in a Genosha ruled by Magneto. This changed when Charles Xavier's deprived sister Cassandra Nova massacred most of the citizens of Genosha. Freak Show survived and joined Unus' gang seeing his chance for survival. Eventually he found Unus' actions to be a detriment to the recovery of Genosha. He joined the Genoshan Excalibur team. Following the Scarlet Witch depowering most mutants Freak Show lost his mutant ability but remained on Genosha.

Real name: Karima Shapandar alias Omega Sentinel

Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'8 Weight: 181 lbs.

Unusual features: Most of Karima's body has been replaced
with cybernetics

Nationality: Indian

First appearance: X-Men Unlimited #27 2000

Bio: Karima Shapandar was a police officer in India and the girlfriend of Neal. She was abducted by the Sentinel Bastion who wanted to eradicate the mutant race he turned Karima into an Omega Sentinel. Neal managed to snap Karima out of her programming and she told Neal to flee. Karima Shapandar made her way to Genosha to help rebuild it and joined Excalibur. The team disbanded and Karima made her way to the X-Men joining their ranks. Her body was taken over by the mutant Malice. Karima was freed but later attempted to kill her teammates when her old programming was activated Hellion put her in a coma. Karima stayed in a coma for years until the being called Arkea possessed Karima's body. Karima was freed of Arkea's influence but a rift developed between Rachel Grey and Storm when Storm was willing to kill Karima to stop Arkea.

Real name: Shola Inkose alias Shola Inkosi

Hair color: Bald Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'11 Weight: 199 lbs.

Ethnic background: Black

Nationality: Genoshan

First appearance: Mekanix #1 2002

Bio: Shola Inkose was a citizen of Genosha he traveled to the U.S. to study and was not present when Cassandra Nova's Sentinel massacred most of the Genoshans. Shola befriended Kitty Pryde and helped her. Years later Shola returned to Genosha he joined Excalibur. The team disbanded and Shola was depowered when the Scarlet Witch took away most mutants abilities. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Real name: Unknown alias Wicked

Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'1 Weight: 99 lbs.

Nationality: Genoshan

First appearance: Excalibur Vol. 3 #1 2004

Bio: The teenage mutant known as Wicked was present on Genosha when the Sentinel massacred most of its citizens. Bitter Wicked joined Unus' gang. When Charles Xavier came to Genosha and met Magneto, Wicked saw hope for the Genoshans she joined Excalibur. The team disbanded later she was depowered by the Scarlet Witch. Wicked along with Freak Show and Shola Inkose were taken in to S.H.I.E.L.D. custody her current whereabouts are unknown.

Real name: Alison "Ali" Blair alias Dazzler

Hair color: Strawberry Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'8 Weight: 115 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #130 1980

Bio: Alison Blair's mutant ability manifested when she was a teenager a gifted singer she used her lights to dazzler the audience and took the name Dazzler. She helped the X-Men rescue Colossus, Storm and Wolverine from the Hellfire Club. Alison did not join the X-Men and instead went on a series of solo adventures. Alison joined the X-Men in Australia with them she met her future husband Long Shot. The team disbanded and Alison went to Mojoworld with Long Shot. Long Shot was seemingly killed by Mojo and Dazzler joined a temporary team of X-Men to stop Magneto and rescue Charles Xavier. Years later Alison joined the X-Men on the island nation of Utopia. She was separated from her teammates and joined the X-Treme X-Men. Alison returned to Earth but a schism had developed she accepted a job as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. from Director Maria Hill. Dazzler was tasked with bringing in the Uncanny X-Men. Unfortunately Dazzler was seemingly killed by Mystique who took her place.

Real name: Cain Marko alias Juggernaut

Hair color: Red Eyes: Blue

Height: 9'5 Weight: 1900 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #12 1965

Bio: Cain Marko was the biological son of Kurt Marko a scientist. Kurt married Charles Xavier's mother after Charles father passed away. Shortly after Kurt's wife died. Kurt raised Cain and Charles but favored Charles for his intellect over his own son Cain. Kurt was abusive towards his son Cain. Cain took it out on Charles. Well serving in the Korean war Cain deserted he found a temple and a gem called Cyttorak the gem increased Cain's size and weight he became the unstoppable Juggernaut. When Juggernaut learned his brother Charles had put together a team of mutants he sought to kill them to make Charles suffer. With the aid of the Human Torch the X-Men stopped the Juggernaut. Years later Juggernaut teamed up with Black Tom and again attacked the X-Men but they found a weakness and exploited it holding Black Tom hostage. Eventually Cain attempted to repent for his past deeds and joined the X-Men but the being who ruled Cyttorak weakened Cain's powers deeming him unworthy to wield the power of Cyttorak. Cain went on to join Excalibur. After they disbanded Cain returned his past as a criminal. However this was short lived and Cain joined the Thunderbolts once again joining the side of the heroes.

Real name: Long Shot alias Long Shot

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'2 Weight: 80 lbs.

Unusual features: Left eye glows when using luck ability,
hollow bones and four fingers on each hand

First appearance: Longshot #1 1985

Bio: The being known as Long Shot comes from a world called Mojoworld. He was genetically created by an alien named Ares. Long Shot had no memory of his origin and served as a gladiator slave to entertain the spineless ones. Long Shot joined a rebellion against the ruler Mojo. Eventually he made his way to Earth. Well on Earth Long Shot joined the X-Men in Australia but the team disbanded. He returned to Mojoworld where he seemingly perished. Long Shot resurfaced joining the ranks of the Exiles. From this team he made his way to Excalibur and was reunited with his former wife Dazzler. The latest incarnation of Excalibur was a temporary team and it disbanded. Long Shot went on to join X-Factor Investigations when the team dispersed Long Shot wound up in the future.

Real name: Talia Josephine Wagner alias Nocturne

Hair color: Blue Eyes: Yellow

Height: 5'7 Weight: 125 lbs.

Unusual features: All yellow eyes with no visible irises or
pupils, three fingers on each hand, a prehensile tail and blue fur

First appearance: Blink #4 2001

Bio: Talia Wagner is the daughter of Kurt Wagner and Wanda Maximoff from an alternate reality. She was pulled from her home to join the Exiles to help fix broken realities. Well with the Exiles she formed a relationship with Thunderbird. Thunderbird wound up in a coma and Talia remained with the team until she was stranded on Earth six one six. Talia joined a new Brotherhood team hoping to dismantle the team from within. She was pulled in to a portal by Xorn's brother. Talia later resurfaced as a member of New Excalibur. After the team disbanded she made her way back to the Exiles where she was reunited with Thunderbird.

Real name: Unknown alias Tessa code name Sage

Hair color: Black Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7 Weight: 135 lbs

Unusual features: Black lines below eyes

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #132 1980

Bio: The real name and birthplace of the woman who would eventually become known as Tessa is unknown. She grew up in the Balkans region during her time there she found Charles Xavier injured by the alien Lucifer. Tessa saved Charles' life and Charles stayed in contact with her. Charles later asked Tessa to infiltrate the Hellfire Club. When the Hellfire Club fell apart Tessa went on to join the X-Men. She joined an offshoot of the X-Men team called the X-Treme X-Men this team did not last for long and Tessa went on to join New Excalibur. Eventually she joined the Exiles well with them she was merged with the Crystal Palace. Somehow Tessa broke free and joined a new X-Treme X-Men team. When the team ended its mission Tessa returned to Earth six one six.