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This is a fan site no money is made off of this site. No material from this site is sold for profit. It was created by a fan for fans of the X-Men. 1963-2013 50 years of X-Men. Due to site limitations the link to Ronin's G.I. Joe Page is gone however you can still find the site by typing Ronin's G.I. Joe Page. I welcome comments about my site and constructive criticism you can e-mail me at If you can think of any characters you would like to see up on my site feel free to let me know. What is new changed approximately 59 pics on Ronin's X-Men Home Page and Former Page feel free to browse both pages to see the new pics. Check out Ronin's Marvel Fan Site for pics of Marvel's 60's super heroes through Webring. Uncanny Avengers #19: Kang convinced Havoc to trust him. Kang time traveled with Havoc's daughter Katie. The X-Council confronted Ahab, Beast, Doctor Doom 2099, Psylocke and Strife. The Abomination, Iron Man 2020, May Parker daughter of Peter Parker and Thor confronted Banshee, Daken and Eimin. Deadpool Vol. 5 #28: Shiklah and Wade went to Japan two kids stole a briefcase from Wade. The Hand and Yakuza fought over the briefcase. Sunfire arrived to kick Wade out of Japan. Wade gave the briefcase to Kim. X-Men: Legacy Vol. 2 #24: As David Haller consumed mutant kind he merged with the Weaver. David restored the mutants he killed to life. David took his own life to save mutant kind. Ruth was the only one who remembered David. David remained in Ruth's mind. Final issue. All-New X-Men #26: Adult Scott Summers spoke to Jean Grey. Laura left the school. Raze stabbed Laura. The Brotherhood approached the school. Savage: Wolverine #19: James remembered the past when A.I.M. abducted Jubilation and him. James and Jubilation escaped. Professor Xavier arrived to pick them up. Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #20: Celeste, Cyclops, Mindy and Phoebe confronted Maria Hill. Blob discovered that Dazzler was the source of his powers. Mystique left Sabretooth in Madripoor. Cyclops questioned Beast. X-Men Vol. 4 #13: Shogo's father escaped his captors. Shogo's father wounded Primal and Sprite II. Fantomex: Max #4 of 4: Agent Stirling killed Agent Alexandra. Eva killed Agent Stirling. Agent Fleming delivered a message to Fantomex. Fantomex built a robotic body for Eva. Longshot: Saves the Marvel Universe #4: Longshot teamed up with a scientist and the Superior Spider-Man. They turned Miss Dapples back into the Cosmic Cube. Longshot merged Chaos and Order back in to one being recreating the In-Betweener. Amazing X-Men Vol. 2 #6: The Amazing X-Men joined the Uncanny X-Men to welcome back Kurt. Kurt tried to stop Mystique from freeing Azazel. In the end Mystique could not kill Azazel she offered him a spot on her team. Marvel Knights: X-Men #5 of 5: Rogue, Shadow Cat and Wolverine created images of Colossus, Night Crawler, Professor Xavier and Storm. Laura convinced Darla to dissipate the images she created. To Rogue, Shadow Cat and Wolverine's dismay the images of Night Crawler and Professor Xavier disappeared as well. Cataclysm: Ultimate Comics X-Men #3 of 3: Captain Marvel II remained behind to fight the Swarm. Pixie died teleporting the Ultimate X-Men back to their dimension. The Ultimate X-Men saw Galactus. Origin II #5: James Howlett and Victor Creed confronted Essex. James impaled Essex and tossed him out a window. James learned Victor was in league with Essex. James tried to kill Victor. In the end Clara turned up alive. Final issue. All-New X-Factor #8: Georgia saved the life of a dehydrated Doug. Harrison Snow arrived. Georgia's father sent Georgia with X-Factor. Night of the Living: Deadpool #4 of 4: Dead Pool killed all the zombie citizens of the town. Dead Pool took zombie Clarence he found the A.I.M. facility. Dead Pool ingested a chemical when the zombies bit him they became normal. Wolverine Vol. 5 #6: James Howlett in Madripoor with Offer's team allowed himself to be taken. The fake hand ninjas were really the Black Knight, Faiza and Pete Wisdom. James located Sabretooth. X-Force Vol. 4 #5: Cable, Fantomex, Marrow, Meme II and Psylocke attacked Volga's base. Marrow learned from Volga she volunteered to have her powers restored which killed her baby. Volga killed Cable. Magneto Vol. 4 #4: Magneto stopped a bus filled with mutant children he killed the humans who were transporting the mutant children to be killed. Magneto later killed a group of Purifiers. Wolverine and the X-Men Vol. 2 #3: Faithful John left his fight with Storm and Wolverine. Storm and Wolverine went to rescue Quentin Quire. Faithful John confronted the students. X-Men: Legacy Vol. 1 #300: A scarred young teenage girl met a mutant nick named Forget Me Not who had the mutant ability to make people forget him. All-New Doop #1: Doop remembered the previous battles. Later he proposed to Katherine Pryde. Deadpool Vs. Carnage #3: Carnage tossed Dead Pool at a semi truck. Carnage and Shriek took a family hostage. Carnage killed soldiers tasked with killing him. Carnage seemingly killed Dead Pool. Dead Pool bonded with symbiotic aliens. Nightcrawler Vol. 4 #2: Amanda Sefton and Kurt Wagner went to Germany to find Margali Szardos. They met their old friends in the circus and found Margali. Trimega found them. X-Men: No More Humans: Raze used Doctor's Sale's device to teleport all humans from Earth. The Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine's X-Men teamed up to stop Raze. Magneto sided with Raze. Raze formed a new Brotherhood consisting of Magneto, Mystique, himself alternate reality versions of Avalanche, Blob, Mastermind, Phoenix, Pyro, Toad and Unus. Phoenix turned on the Brotherhood and killed Mastermind. Beast and teenage Beast returned the humans. The Phoenix used its powers to save the humans. X-Men: Season One: Professor Charles Xavier recruited Bobby Drake, Henry McCoy, Jean Grey, Scott Summers and Warren Worthington in the present in an alternate reality as teenagers. The X-Men battled Magneto, the Blob, the Brotherhood, Sentinels and Unus. Cyclops Vol. 3 #1: Ch'od, Corsair, Cyclops, Hepzibah, Korvus and Raza defeated a Badoon spaceship. The Starjammers took the Badoon hostage. Corsair and Cyclops confiscated the Badoon spaceship. Uncanny Avengers Annual #1: The board gave Mojo one last chance. Mojo abducted Blade, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, Manphibian, Man Thing and Satana. Alex, Anna-Marie, James, Janet, Shiro, Simon, Steve, Thor and Wanda battled them. Mojo separated Johnny Blaze from Ghost Rider. Rogue took in Ghost Rider. Johnny Blaze took him back.

You decided your favorite original member of the X-Men is Jubilee. Who is your favorite member of X-Force? 1. Cable 2. Doctor Nemesis 3. Fantomex 4. Marrow 5. Psylocke

Appearing in his own title: Deadpool. X-Force: Doctor Nemesis, Fantomex, Marrow, MeMe II and Psylocke. All-New X-Factor: Cypher, Danger, Gambit, Polaris, Quicksilver and Warlock II. Uncanny Avengers: Havok, Sunfire, Thor, Wasp and Wolverine. Wolverine and the X-Men students: Angel I Anole, Armor, Blindfold, Bling, Cipher, Crosta, Dust, Elixir, Ernst, Face, Genesis II, Gentle, Graymalkin, Ink, Hellion, Indra, Kid Omega, Loa, Martha Johansson, Match, Mercury II, Oya, Pixie, Primal (Teon), Prodigy II, Rockslide, Shark Girl, Surge II, Trance, Transonic (Laurie) and Velocidad (Gabriel). Amazing X-Men: Beast, Firestar, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Northstar, Storm and Wolverine. Wolverine and the X-Men: Ariel, Aurora, Beast, Blink, Cannonball, Cecilia Reyes, Chamber, Doop, Frenzy, Gambit, Husk, Iceman, Karma, Marvel Girl II, the Mimic, Northstar, Rogue, Storm, Warbird II and Wolverine. X-Men: Jubilee, Karima, M, Marvel Girl II, Psylocke and Storm. All-New X-Men: Archangel, Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl I and X-23. Uncanny X-Men: Benjamin Deeds, Christopher Muse, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Gold Ball, Lockheed, Magik, Magneto, Shadowcat, (Stepford Cuckoos) Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe and Tempus II.


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