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This is a fan site no money is made off of this site by me. No material from this site is sold for profit. It was created by a fan for fans of the X-Men. 1963-2015 52 years of X-Men. Due to site limitations the link to Ronin's G.I. Joe Page is gone however you can still find the site by typing Ronin's G.I. Joe Page. I welcome comments about my site and constructive criticism you can e-mail me at If you can think of any characters you would like to see up on my site feel free to let me know. You can check out Ronin's Marvel Fan Site for pics of Marvel's Silver Age super heroes plus Marvel's Golden Age, Bronze Age and Copper Age characters. Deadpool Vol. 4 #44: Deadpool convinced the new Omega Red that he did not kill Omega Red's parents. Shiklah punched her fist through Omega Red's chest Wade convinced her not to kill Omega Red. Shiklah found ninety nine undead warriors. All-New X-Men Vol. 1 #34: Bobby Drake found himself in a reality where monsters were attacking New York City. Henry McCoy met Doctor Doom. Jean Grey, Laura Kinney and Warren Worthington met Anna-Marie, Jean Grey, Jimmy Hudson, Katherine Pride and Ororo Munroe. All New X-Men Vol. 1 #41: Maria Hill sent Angel II, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl I and X-23 to Utopia they met Boom Boom, Elixir, Karma, Maddison Jeffries, Masque and Random. The X-Men fought the Utopians then came to a truce the Utopians were taken to the Charles Xavier School. Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 #34: Alison Blaire asked Maria Hill where Raven Darkholme was. Scott Summers met with Raven Darkholme. Raven realized that it wasn't Scott. Alison ambushed Raven along with Celeste Cuckoo, Gold Balls, Hijack II, Magic I, Mindy Cuckoo, Morph II and Phoebe Cuckoo. Alison Blaire arrested Raven. Maria Hill officially gave Alison her job back. X-Men Vol. 4 #10: Jubilee, M, Marvel Girl II, Omega Sentinel, Psylocke and Storm confronted Arkea, Enchantress, Lady Deathstrike and Typhoid Mary. Arkea activated Sentinels. Bling, Hellion and Pixie fought the Sentinels. X-Men Vol. 4 #26: Gambit, Jubilee, M, Marvel Girl II, Psylocke and Storm killed a second Krakoa to save humans. They took a rock to Henry McCoy. Jubilation gave the rock to Krakoa. Amazing X-Men Vol. 2 #19: Juggernaut beat Colossus to a pulp. Colossus took out the cliff side burying Cain. Magneto Vol. 2 #1: Max Eisenhardt tracked down a man who killed mutants. He was an Omega Sentinel Max killed him. Max decided to target people who made the man an Omega Sentinel. Magneto Vol. 2 #19: The past Briar Raleigh and Max Eisenhardt met with Sugar Man to get a power amplifier. Max killed Sugar Man. The present Polaris and Magneto fought Sentinels. Nightcrawler Vol. 4 #12: Bloody Bess and Nightcrawler stopped the War Wolves and trapped Vogue. Rico and Ziggy rescued the children Vogue had captured. They took them to the Jean Grey School. Final issue. Cyclops Vol. 2 #12: Cyclops, Iceman and Groot were trapped aboard Knife's spaceship. They submitted to the Black Vortex. Teenage Cyclops, teenage Iceman and Groot broke free. They gave Captain Marvel the Black Vortex. Storm Vol. 3 #11: Calisto, Forge and Storm calmed Kenji. Kenji stopped trying to kill the X-Men. Spider-Man and the X-Men #6 of 6: Ernst betrayed the X-Men to get No Girl a new body. Mister Sinister introduced clones of Beast, Fire Star, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Storm and Wolverine. The clones died and Mister Sinister fled. Storm gave Ernst detention. Ernst, Eye Boy, Glob, Hellion, No Girl, Rockslide and Shark Girl joined Spider-Man in patrolling New York City. Wolverines #20: Siphon II stole Lady Death Strike, Sabretooth and X-23 healing factors. Mystique found out Destiny wanted her to bring back Logan. Mystique decided to let the world end. Uncanny Avengers Vol. 2 #5: Luminous tried to kill the Scarlet Witch. Vision killed Luminous. Quicksilver beat the High Evolutionary to a pulp. The Uncanny Avengers returned home. Return of the Living Deadpool #4 of 4: The new Deadpools wanted to turn everyone into Deadpools. A lone Deadpool sacrificed himself to kill ninety nine percent of the Deadpools. Liz became the new Deadpool to kill the one percent. Secret Wars #4 of 8: Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Cyclops, Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic, Spider-Man, Star-Lord and Thor II fought Maximus, Namor, Thanos and others. Doctor Doom killed Cylops. Doctor Strange saved the heroes Doom killed Strange. Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool #1 of 4: Black Cat sprung Typhoid Mary. Deadpool and Hawkeye fought Black Cat's brainwashed patients. Deadpool's Secret, Secret Wars #3 of 4: Wade's face was healed. The Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men fought Galactus. Galactus killed them. Earlier they met Doctor Doom whose face was healed. Old Man Logan Vol. 1 #2: James Howlett found himself in the Age of Apocalypse. He met Blink, Dazzler, Emma Frost, Exodus, Iceman, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Storm. Abyss, Mister Sinister and Sabretooth attacked the X-Men. James met Apocalypse. Civil War Vol. 2 #1: Amoeba, Namorita, Night Thrasher and Speedball fought Cobalt Man and Nitro. Nitro detonated killing the New Warriors and the people of Stamford. Captain America and Iron Man recruited heroes they fought each other. The country was divided Steve Rogers took the west and Tony Stark the east. Miriam Sharpe tried to get Steve and Tony to work together she was killed. Peter Parker was reunited with Mary Jane Watson. Secret Wars 2099 #3 of 4: Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hercules and Iron Man met Doctor Strange, Hulk, Roman, Silver Surfer and Valkyrie. Secret Wars Battle World #2 of 4: Story One Blade found himself on Duck World he fought Drakula. Howard the Duck helped him kill Drakula. Story Two a cyborg Thaddeus Ross killed Taskmaster. Thaddeus set his sights on Arcade. Misses Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #2 of 4: Frankenstein, Marcus, Mummy, Shiklah and Werewolf by Night fought zombies in the underworld. The Invisible Man spied on Dracula. Uncanny Avengers Annual Vol. 2 #1: Brother Voodoo, Human Torch II, Synapse, Quicksilver, Rogue and Steve Rogers teamed up with the Emerald Warlock and Ghost Dancer. The Emerald Warlock vanquished a demon and took in it's powers. He was really evil he killed Ghost Dancer. Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever One Shot: Black Widow II, Captain America 2020, Hulk, Iron Man II, Thor II and Vision II battled Doom Bots. Vision II revealed that Doctor Doom was really a Doom Bot. E is for Extinction #1 of 4: Angel Salvadore, Basilisk, Beak, Celeste Cuckoo, Esme Cuckoo, Glob, Kid Omega, Magneto, Mindy Cuckoo, Phoebe Cuckoo and Sophie Cuckoo became the new X-Men after Charles Xavier died. Emma Frost, Logan and Scott Summers found Xorn I. Age of Apocalypse Vol. 2 #1 of 4: Colossus, Dazzler, Exodus, Iceman, Nightcrawler and Storm killed Holocaust. Nightcrawler teleported Doug Ramsey to safety. The X-Men perished. Archangel, Cannonball, Cyclops and Havoc took Doug to a sight. They came across Blink, Emma Frost, Magneto, Sun-Fire and Wolverine. Years of Future Past #2 of 4: Rachel Summers rescued Storm from the government. Cameron, Christina, Colossus, Magneto, Mystique, Rachel Summers, Shadow Cat, Storm and Wolverine met up with Angel. The X-Men discovered President Robert Kelly fabricated the plot to assassinate him. Doom Bots attacked the X-Men. X-Tinction Agenda #1 of 4: The past the X-Men and New Mutants buried Cameron Hodge. The present Bulletproof, Havoc, Karma, Rictor, Wicked and Wolfsbane attacked the X-Men. The past Charles Xavier, Colossus and Cyclops died. The present Genosha the Gene Engineer experimented on Cameron Hodge's body. X-Men '92 Vol. 1 #1 of 4: President Robert Kelly told Beast, Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm and Wolverine about Cold Mountain. Boom Boom, Blob, Forearm, Iceman, Sabretooth, Siren, Strong Guy, Toad, Vertigo and Pyro were patients. Charles Xavier learned that Cassandra Nova was a female clone of him created by Apocalypse taken over by the Shadow King. The Shadow King defeated Charles on the Astral Plane. Cassandra Nova began to brainwash the X-Men. Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #600: Ororo Munroe staged an intervention for Henry McCoy. Jean Grey talked to adult Bobby Drake about his secret. Adult Scott Summers gathered all the mutants still alive for a peaceful demonstration. A-Force Vol. 1 #2: Captain Marvel, Dazzler, Medusa, Photon and She Hulk fought a Sentinel and destroyed it. She Hulk went through a portal. Avengers and X-Men Axis Revolutions #1 of 4: Spider-Man had his hands full keeping people from killing each other. Doctor Strange found out that everyone feels hate sometimes. Avengers and X-Men Axis #8 of 9: Apocalypse, Cyclops, Havoc, Rogue and Storm battled Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Medusa and Thor. Absorbing Man, Enchantress, Hobgoblin and Loki tried to keep the Avengers and X-Men from killing each other. Steve Rogers rescued the White Skull. Avengers and X-Men Axis #9 of 9: Loki lifted Mjolnir and defeated Thor. Apocalypse, Sabretooth and Spider-Man bought Steve Rogers and the White Skull time. Nomad fought Captain America. Brother Voodoo, Doctor Doom and the Scarlet Witch cast the inversion spell. Iron Man shielded himself and accidentally Havoc and Sabretooth. Havoc abducted Wasp. Victor Creed became an anti hero.

Corsair a fan favorite character who came back from the dead recently.

A-Force: Captain Marvel III, Dazzler, Namora and Phoenix I. Age of Apocalypse: Blink, Emma Frost, Magneto, Sun-Fire and Wolverine. (E is for Extinction) X-Men: Angel Salvadore, Basilisk, Beak, Celeste, Mindy, Phoebe, Dust, Esme Cuckoo, Glob, Kid Omega, Magneto, No Girl and Sophie Cuckoo. Misses Deadpool and her Howling Commandos: Frankenstein, Man Thing, Marcus, the Mummy, Shiklah and Werewolf by Night. (X-Men '92) X-Men: Beast, Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Gambit, Jean Grey, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm and Wolverine. (X-Tinction Agenda) Genosha team: Bulletproof, Havoc, Karma, Rictor, Wicked and Wolfsbane. (Years of Future Past) X-Men: Angel, Colossus, (Cameron Howlett) Ghost, Magneto, (Christina Pryde) Metalhead II, Rachel Grey, Storm and Wolverine.


All Marvel characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are Trademarks & Copyright (c) 1941-2013 Marvel Characters, Inc. and are used with permission. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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