Ronin's X-Factor Bio Page

Real name: Warren Kenneth Worthington III alias Archangel

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'0 Weight: 150 lbs.

Unusual features: Warren has metal wings sprouting from his back

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #1 1963

Bio: Warren Kenneth Worthington III was born the son of wealthy parents as a teenager wings sprouted from Warren's back. Warren rescued students at a boarding school he was staying at. He came to the attention of Charles Xavier who recruited him to the original X-Men. There Warren met Jean he fell in love with Jean but Jean thought Warren was vain and fell in love with Scott. Her attitude towards Warren softened after Warren's parents died. Warren became the owner of Worthington Enterprises and used his wealth to fund the Xavier School for the Gifted. When the new X-Men arrived Warren left he later joined the original X-Factor. Well with the team during the Mutant Massacre Warren's wings were badly damaged his friend Hodge had them amputated. Depressed Warren seemingly committed suicide. He was rescued by Apocalypse who gave him blue skin and retractable metal wings. Years later back with the X-Men his metal wings were damaged by Sabretooth. They shattered revealing feathered wings but his skin remained blue. In a battle with Black Tom Warren's blue skin became normal. Later when Wolverine formed a new X-Force team a brainwashed Wolfsbane amputated his wings. Warren's wings grew back and he gained the ability to transform into his blue skinned form with metal wings. Warren was corrupted by the Shadow King and sought to take Apocalypse's place. A heartbroken Psylocke impaled Warren with the Life Seed this transformed Warren he kept his regular skin tone but his wings became metal.

Real name: Doctor Henry "Hank" Phillip McCoy alias Beast

Hair color: Blue Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'11 Weight: 402 lbs.

Unusual features: Covered in blue fur with ape like appearance

Fist appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #1 1963

Bio: Henry McCoy before he became a mutant was a gifted youngster possessing an above average intellect. As a teenager he excelled in school and on the field playing football. When Henry's mutant ability kicked in his hands and feet became larger than normal finding it impossible to hide his mutation he was approached by Charles Xavier and accepted an offer to join his school. Before the new X-Men joined the X-Men Henry left the X-Men. Well away he consumed a chemical he made it caused him to take on a primate like appearance with blue fur. Henry joined the original X-Men in forming the original X-Factor. Henry met his second love interest after Vera a news reporter named Trish Tilby. Henry eventually returned to the original X-Men with his friends. During this time he joined the New X-Men he underwent a second mutation becoming feline like in appearance. Henry stayed in this form for years until after a schism between Cyclops and Wolverine. Henry joined Logan's staff he underwent a third mutation and became Gorilla like in appearance. Feeling the rift was hurting the X-Men he brought the original X-Men to the present.

Real name: Scott Summers alias Cyclops

Hair color: Brown Eyes: All red originally brown

Height: 6'3 Weight: 195 lbs.

Unusual features: Scott's eyes are all red

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #1 1963

Bio: Scott Summers was born the older sibling of Alexander Summers their parents were pilots. During a flight over Anchorage Alaska they were attacked by an alien space ship. Their plane going down Scott's mother strapped a parachute to Scott's back gave him Alexander and pushed them out of the plane. On the way down as Scott pulled the chute his head struck the side of a cliff somehow Scott managed to hang on to his younger brother. The two were placed in an orphanage his brother Alex was adopted but Scott older than him was not. As a teenager Scott was taken in by Charles Xavier. He became Xavier's second recruit and first X-Man after his mutation manifested. Charles fashioned ruby quartz glasses for Scott capable of holding back his optic blasts. With the original X-Men Scott met his future wife Jean Grey. As teenagers Jean and Scott were attracted to each other but neither said anything. Years later with the X-Men Jean seemingly died. Scott was grief stricken but moved on meeting his first wife Madelyn Pryor together the two had baby Nathan. With the original X-Factor Jean was discovered alive and Scott was reunited with her. Madelyn was corrupted and became the Goblin Queen trying to sacrifice their son. Jean stopped her. Jean and Scott were wed and seemed to have a blissful life ahead of them but as member of the New X-Men Jean was killed for real by a team mate named Xorn. Scott's heart broke but eventually he moved on with Emma Frost. Following the schism between Wolverine and Scott. Scott now leads the Uncanny X-Men from Canada.

Real name: Jean Grey alias Marvel Girl I

Hair color: Red Eyes: Green

Height: 5'6 Weight: 115 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #1 1963

Bio: Jean Grey grew up the daughter of two average middle class parents she had an older sister Sara. Jean's mutant ability manifested when she was a preteen when her best friend was struck by a car and Jean saw her dying thoughts. Jean was horrified learning their daughter was a mutant they contacted Charles Xavier. Charles put a mental block in place keeping Jean from accessing her telepathy and removing the memory of her best friend's death from her conscious thoughts. Years later Jean manifested telekinetic abilities and she joined Xavier's school. She later left the X-Men when the new X-Men arrived but later returned only to seemingly die after becoming the Phoenix. The one who died was a clone of Jean and the real Jean joined the original X-Men in forming X-Factor. Later they returned to the X-Men Jean and Scott were wed. But their marriage was tested Jean was still attracted to Logan and Scott was having a psychic affair with Emma Frost. As members of the New X-Men Jean was killed by Xorn. She later was resurrected by the Phoenix but her friends fearing she would become Dark Phoenix again stopped the Phoenix and Jean seemingly returned to the after life. Jean Grey's story did not end there Beast traveled back in time and brought the teenage original X-Men to the present. Now a teenage Jean must find a way to cope with the present. Her time in the present and learning that Scott will kill Charles has caused her to lose her feelings for him she is now attracted to Henry.

Real name: Arthur "Artie" Maddicks alias none

Hair color: Bald Eyes: White no visible irises or pupils

Height: 5'6 Weight: 125 lbs.

Unusual features: All white eyes and pink skin

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #2 1986

Bio: Arthur Maddicks father was a scientist who was responsible for Beast's further mutation. Seeking a cure to his son's mutation Arthur's father abducted Henry. He used a chemical that reverted Henry from his blue furred form back to normal. Before he could use it on Arthur X-Factor arrived knowing the people at the facility would kill his son and himself Arthur's father held them off well X-Factor escaped with Arthur. Young Artie was heart broken over the death of his father but in time he recovered making friends with a young ward about his age at the time.

Real name: Tabitha Smith alias Boom-Boom

Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'5 Weight: 122 lbs.

First appearance: Secret Wars II #5 1985

Bio: Tabitha "Tabby" Smith came from a poor family dreaming of a different life Tabitha ran away from home. Her mutant abilities manifested and Tabitha joined the Fallen Angels. Not happy with the Vanisher, Tabitha left and became a ward of X-Factor. Later Tabitha and the others were sent away to school she joined the wards in forming the X-Terminators. Tabitha went on to join the New Mutants when they became X-Force Tabitha was a founding member. She formed a relationship with fellow member Sam this did not last. When X-Force disbanded Tabitha joined Nextwave. Currently Tabby is a member of Cable's X-Force.

Real name: Unknown alias Caliban

Hair color: Bald Eyes: All yellow no visible irises or pupils

Height: 6'8 Weight: 275 lbs.

Unusual features: Grey skin yellow eyes and claws

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #148 1981

Bio: The mutant only known as Caliban revealed little about his earlier life including his real name. When his mutant ability first manifested Caliban was marked as a mutant with grey skin. He fled to the sewers where he was taken in by Callisto and the Morlocks. During the Mutant Massacre the Marauders killed most of the Morlocks. Caliban survived with Leech they sought out X-Factor. Caliban later met Apocalypse who offered to make Caliban stronger so he could take his revenge on the Marauders. Apocalypse increased Caliban's size and body weight augmenting his strength to superhuman levels. Caliban later joined X-Force but did not stay for long. Caliban became a member of Wolverine's X-Men team and tried to help them track down Cable. The Revears targeted Warpath and Caliban stepped in front of him dying instead. During Necrosha Caliban was resurrected after Selene died he returned to the dead.

Real name: Cameron Hodge alias none

Hair color: Grey Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'10 Weight: 180 lbs.

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #1 1986

Bio: Cameron Hodge was an ordinary human seemingly a close friend of Warren's he went to college with him and functioned as the public relations employee of Worthington Enterprises. However Cameron knew Warren was a mutant and secretly despised Warren. His plans came to fruition when Warren's wings were badly damaged and Cameron had them amputated. He sabotaged Warren's plane seemingly killing Warren. Cameron went on to abduct the wards using his group the Right. He was going to use Rictor to bring down a building and fuel anti mutant sentiments. Cameron Hodge killed Warren's girlfriend Candy and Warren killed Cameron. That was not the end of Cameron Hodge's anti mutant war he came to power in Genosha after coming back from the dead. Cameron brought the X-teams to their knees and killed Warlock II. He was resurrected by Bastion and set out to exterminate mutants. Cameron Hodge was killed by Warlock II who got his revenge on Cameron.

Real name: Unknown alias Leech

Hair color: Bald Eyes: White no visible pupils or irises

Height: 5'6 Weight: 120 lbs.

Unusual features: Green skin and no nose

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #179 1984

Bio: Leech's real name is not known nor what became of his parents after his mutation manifested. Leech became one of the Morlocks. The Marauders massacred most of the Morlocks and Leech left joining X-Factor as a ward. He went on to become a member of the X-Terminators. Leech was not seen again until he joined Generation-X with Artie. Currently Leech and Artie are members of the Future Foundation.

Real name: Julio Esteban Richter alias Rictor

Hair color: Brown Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'9 Weight: 145 lbs.

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #17 1987

Bio: Julio Esteban Richter upon realizing he was a mutant went to X-Factor he became a ward of X-Factor. He was abducted by the Right who sought to use him to bring down a building with civilians in it and fuel anti mutant hostilities. X-Factor rescued Julio. Later with the wards he joined the X-Terminators. After that Julio became a member of the New Mutants. Julio was not with them when they founded X-Force instead he joined later. Julio Esteban became a member of X-Factor Investigations with the group he formed a relationship with Rhane. X-Factor disbanded and Julio wound up with Shatterstar.

Real name: Russell Collins alias Rusty Collins

Hair color: Red Eyes: Green

Height: 5'11 Weight: 160 lbs.

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #1 1986

Bio: Russell Collins parents both died when he was a teenager he went to live with his uncle but his uncle despised Russell. When Russell was old enough he enlisted in the Navy. Back from deployment he met a young woman but his ability to generate flames manifested and he injured her. Russell was frightened by his mutant ability he was found by X-Factor and became their first ward. With X-Factor he met Sally Blevins and the two dated. Later Russell became the leader of the X-Terminators after this he joined the New Mutants. Russell was abducted by the Mutant Liberation Front and brainwashed in to serving them. Magneto freed him from their influence and he joined the Acolytes with Sally. Sadly Russell was killed by Holocaust. His story did not end there years later Eli Bard resurrected Russell to be part of Selene's undead army. When Selene died Russell returned to the realm of the dead.

Real name: Ship alias Ship

Hair color: None Eyes: Variable

Height: Variable Weight: Variable

Unusual features: Techno organic body

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #19 1987

Bio: Ship is a Celestial space ship created by them. He possesses an artificial intelligence he was found by Apocalypse and enslaved to serve him. Ship was rescued by the original X-Factor and served as their headquarters. Years later Ship became a base of operations for X-Force. During the Phalanx invasion Ship gained a physical body and called himself Prosh. Prosh's techno organic body was interfacing with Cable's techno organics at the time killing him. Prosh built a new space ship and left for outer space.

Real name: Sally Blevins alias Skids Blevins

Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'5 Weight: 115 lbs.

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #7 1986

Bio: Sally Blevins witnessed a traumatic event when she was a teenager her father accidentally killed her mother. Sally manifesting mutant abilities fled she found the Morlocks and lived with them until the Morlock Massacre. Sally found Russell being pursued by Freedom Force she aided him. Sally became a ward of X-Factor and the girlfriend of Russell. Later they formed the X-Terminators. After their brief time as a team Sally joined the New Mutants. Sally was abducted by the Mutant Liberation Front and brainwashed in to serving them. Magneto freed her from their influence and she joined the Acolytes. Sally left them after her boyfriend Russell was killed by Holocaust and Avalon fell to Earth. Sally after most mutants were depowered became a part of the one hundred ninety eight. Later Sally joined S.H.I.E.L.D. she infiltrated Masque's Morlocks and helped defeat them. Sally's current whereabouts are unknown.

Real name: Alexander "Alex" Summers

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'0 Weight: 175 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #54 1969

Bio: Alexander Summers is the younger brother of the X-Man Cyclops. They were orphaned as children Alex was adopted from the orphanage and grew up well Scott was left behind. As a young adult Alex went to college and was studying to be an Archaeologist. He was abducted by Ahmet Abdol alias the Living Pharaoh. Ahmet triggered Alex's mutation and used it to transform himself into the Living Monolith. The original X-Men rescued Alex. Later Alex was abducted by Steven Lang and was given a suit to control his powers he also adopted the code name Havok. As Havok he joined the team and met Lorna Dane. Fellow X-Man Robert Drake was also attracted to Lorna but she was in love with Alex. When the new X-Men arrived Alex left to pursue a normal life. He was pulled back in to the team when the Marauders brainwashed Lorna and attacked him. Alex became a member of a new X-Men team. His time returning to the X-Men was short lived. Alex did not rejoin until the second team of X-Factor was formed and he became their leader. The team fell apart and Alex came under the influence of Dark Beast. However he revealed his new allegiance was a ruse and later rejoined X-Factor. The team disbanded and Alex rejoined the X-Men. During his time with them he was stranded in outer space and became the leader of the Star Jammers. Alex returned to Earth with his niece Rachel and his girlfriend Lorna. Alex and Lorna joined X-Factor Investigations but Alex departed to join the Uncanny Avengers.

Real name: James "Jamie" Arthur Madrox alias Multiple Man

Hair color:Brown Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'11 Weight: 155 lbs.

First appearance: Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4 1975

Bio: James Jamie Madrox was orphaned at a young age when a natural disaster killed both of his parents. Jamie's mutant ability manifested and he came to the attention of Charles Xavier. Xavier asked Moira MacTaggert to look after Jamie. Jamie was moved to Muir Island where he grew up. Jamie joined a group called the Fallen Angels. He was also a member of the Honorary Muir Island X-Men. Jamie repeatedly turned down offers to join the ranks of the X-Men. He did not officially join a team until the second X-Factor team formed. However at its initial appearance Jamie was seemingly killed. However it was revealed that it was really a duplicate. Jamie participated in Fatal Attractions event only to succumb to the Legacy Virus and die. Jamie's story seemed to end there for years however he emerged alive and rejoined X-Factor until the team disbanded. Later Jamie formed X-Factor Investigations fellow members included his best friend Guido former girlfriend Theresa and half sister Rhane. Recently the team has disbanded and Jamie has settled down with his wife Layla Miller.

Real name: Lorna Dane alias Polaris

Hair color: Green Eyes: Green

Height: 5'7 Weight: 115 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #49 1968

Bio: Lorna Dane's parents died when she was a child and she was put in to foster care. Lorna's foster parents afraid the truth would be too much for the child claimed her parents were alive but had to leave and that they were her aunt and uncle. Lorna Dane's mutant ability emerged at a young age and she hid her green hair that marked her has a mutant by having her hair dyed brown. Lorna led a normal life until Mesmero used a machine to draw mutants within a certain vicinity to him. Discovering her abilities to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum Mesmero believed her to be the daughter of Magneto. Lorna went along with it believing it to be the truth. However the X-Man Iceman discovered the truth Magneto had killed Lorna's parents. Lorna broke down upon learning the truth but agreed to join the X-Men. When the new X-Men arrived she left with Alex to lead a normal life. Lorna was brainwashed by the mutant Malice and forced to serve Mister Sinister. Eventually she was freed of Malice's influence. She went on to join the second X-Factor team. Lorna was a mainstay member of the team even when the others left and a new team took their place. Eventually that team disbanded and Alex and Jamie returned but their time was short lived and they too disbanded. Lorna made her way back to the X-Men but was separated from the X-Men in outer space with Alex and Rachel. Years passed by before Lorna finally made her way back to Earth with Alex and Rachel. Lorna joined Jamie's X-Factor Investigations team it was with them that she learned it was her who had accidentally killed her parents when her mutant ability first manifested. X-Factor disbanded and Lorna had a brief scuffle with her brother Pietro. She was arrested but escaped.

Real name: Pietro Maximoff alias Quicksilver

Hair color: Silver Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'0 Weight: 175 lbs.

First appearance: X-Men Vol. 1 #4

Bio: Pietro Maximoff is the twin sibling of Wanda Maximoff and the son of a Jewish father and Romani mother. Pietro's mother Magda was pregnant with Pietro and Wanda when his father Magneto killed villagers for preventing him from saving his daughter's life. Magda fled in terror she gave birth to Pietro and Wanda but fearing what they might become she fled Magda perished in the snow. Pietro and his sister were raised by Gypsies when villagers learned Wanda was a mutant they tried to kill them. Magneto saved their lives grateful they joined his Brotherhood of Mutants. However Magneto's disregard for the lives of regular humans caused the twins to leave. They eventually joined the Avengers. With them Pietro as Quicksilver redeemed himself for his past actions. For awhile Pietro was a member of a second X-Factor team. The Avengers pursued an unstable Wanda, Pietro afraid they would kill her convinced Wanda to alter reality. Wanda created an alternate reality where Magneto was a ruler of a mutant nation. Magneto learned the truth and tried to kill Pietro. Wanda healed him she depowered most of the mutants in the world. Pietro trying to atone for his part in decimating the mutant race stole the Terrigen Mists from the Inhumans and used it to repower depowered mutants. The Terrigen Mists were unstable often backfiring on those who used them. Pietro rejoined the Avengers and participated in the Avengers Vs. the X-Men event his sister Wanda with Hope's help brought the mutant race back from the brink of extinction.

Real name: Guido Carosella alias Strong Guy

Hair color: Bald Eyes: Brown

Height: 7'0 Weight: 750 lbs.

First appearance: New Mutants Vol. 1 #29 1985

Bio: Guido Carosella was a scrawny child and was often bullied by other children this continued in to Guido's teen's and he was beaten up by other teenage boys. Guido's mutant ability manifested he became taller than the other boys and very muscular in build. Guido ached for payback but his parents talked him out of it. As an adult Guido put his imposing seven feet height to use functioning as a bodyguard he came to the attention of Lila Cheney a mutant rock star and accepted a job as her bodyguard. Guido was on Muir Island when the Shadow King took over it and fell under his influence. Years later Guido joined the second X-Factor team and when asked what his code name was he jokingly replied Strong Guy the name stuck. Guido had a brain aneurism and was hospitalized. Guido recovered and years later joined X-Factor Investigations with the team he was almost killed Layla Miller brought him back to life bought Guido no longer had his soul. When the lords of hell battled each other for control of their realm they revealed there was one who would grant them control of hell if killed. Rhane Sinclair's son Tier. Guido accidentally killed Monet. To make up for it he killed Tier and took over hell resurrecting Monet.

Real name: Valerie "Val" Cooper alias none

Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'9 Weight: 134 lbs.

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #176 1983

Bio: Valerie Cooper was an assistant to the National Security Advisor she was concerned about the growing number of mutants in the United States and their potential to be utilized as biological weapons. Valerie Cooper proposed putting together a team of mutants who would answer to the United States government. She found her answer when the mutant terrorist group the Brotherhood took her up on her offer and became Freedom Force. Freedom Force suffered heavy casualties and was a disaster. Years later Val Cooper found her chance at redemption by putting together a government sanctioned X-Factor team. Val's second team fell apart with only Lorna Dane remaining a new team was formed but they severed their ties with the government. Recently Val Cooper tried yet again to mend fences between her agency and mutants by convincing X-Factor Investigations to work for the government. However X-Factor Investigations disbanded. Valerie Cooper's current activities are unknown.

Real name: Rhane Sinclair alias Wolfsbane

Hair color: Red Eyes: Green

Height: 5'2 Weight: 110 lbs.

First appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #4 1982

Bio: Rhane Sinclair's mother passed away when she was a child she was raised by her father the Reverend Craig Sinclair. When Rhane's mutant ability manifested her father thought she was a monster he organized a lynch mob to have Rhane killed but she was rescued by Doctor Moira MacTaggert. Moira took Rhane to Charles Xavier's school where Rhane joined the New Mutants. During this time Rhane met Moira's other foster child Jamie Madrox. Rhane was particularly close to fellow New Mutant Doug Ramsey but sadly Doug died. Rhane later joined the second X-Factor team until it fell apart. She went on to join her foster mother on Muir Island and became a member of Excalibur. Excalibur later disbanded and Rhane set out on her own she returned to the fold when Charles Xavier opened his school to young mutants Rhane became a teacher at the school. Having feelings for one of the students Rhane was asked to step down. Jamie Madrox formed X-Factor Investigations and Rhane joined his team. She left for awhile joining Wolverine's X-Force. During this time she became pregnant with a child. She returned to X-Factor but found her former boyfriend Julio had moved on with someone else. When Rhane gave birth to her son she rejected him. Grief stricken by this decision she left X-Factor. Rhane later returned to X-Factor with her son Tier because people were trying to kill Tier. During their battle with the hell lords Guido killed Rhane's son Tier. The team was scattered Rhane found a duplicate of Jamie's named Reverend Maddox she accepted his offer to join his church.

Real name: Jonathan Silvercloud alias Forge

Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown

Height: 6'0 Weight: 179 lbs.

Unusual features: Cybernetic right hand and right leg

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #184 1984

Bio: For unknown reasons the mutant known as Forge has revealed his true name to very few people. But his mentor Naze knows Forge's real name which appears to be Jonathan Silvercloud. Young Jonathan served in the Vietnam war where he lost his right hand and leg. Jonathan used his mutant ability to create various electronics to fashion a prosthetic hand and leg for himself. As an adult he met the X-Woman Storm. Demons led by an ancient threat of his people who are Cheyenne Native Americans called the Adversary invaded our realm. Jonathan used his rarely seen mystical abilities to trap the demons. Later Jonathan became a member of the X-Men and was romantically involved with Storm. He even proposed to her but she seemingly turned him down and Jonathan left the X-Men. He joined the third version of X-Factor functioning as team leader. Later on Jonathan briefly rejoined the X-Men. Years later he tried to stop an invasion from an alternate reality his base of operations was about to explode Jonathan turned down the Astonishing X-Men's offer to save his life and seemingly perished in the blast. However due to his genius Jonathan survived the blast possibly using a teleportation device he had created to escape the base. Jonathan joined Cable's X-Force. Cable now had premonitions of future catastrophes and Forge attempted to aid him in stopping these events.

Real name: Raven Darkholme alias Mystique

Hair color: Red Eyes: All yellow with no visible irises or pupils

Height: 5'10 Weight: 120 lbs.

Unusual features: Blue skin and yellow eyes

Fist appearance: Ms. Marvel Vol. 1 #16 1978

Bio: The mutant known as Mystique is older than she appears. Darkholme is not her maiden name but the name of an early husband of hers whom Raven killed. She became at some point involved with a mutant named Azazel and even had his son Kurt Wagner who was born a mutant. Knowing Kurt would give away that she was a mutant Raven tossed him over the side of a cliff. Later she became involved with the serial killer Victor Creed and had his human son Graydon Creed. Raven seemed to soften when she took in Anna Marie alias Rogue as her foster daughter. Raven tended to lean towards criminal activities but under Destiny's encouragement her Brotherhood became Freedom Force. During this time as heroes Raven's close friend Destiny was killed by Charles Xavier's son Legion. This fueled Raven's hatred of the X-Men. She killed Shiro's sister Leyu wounded Sean Cassidy killed Moira and also seemingly killed Dazzler. For the numerous harm she had inflicted on the X-Men Wolverine at one point killed Raven. In the past Raven has served as a member of X-Factor trying to redeem herself due to her attraction to fellow mutant Forge. She even joined the ranks of the X-Men briefly to be closer to her children. Currently Raven has disguised herself as Dazzler in order to inflict more harm on the X-Men.

Real name: Victor Creed alias Sabretooth

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Amber

Height: 6'6 Weight: 380 lbs.

Unusual features: Enlarged canines and retractable claws on each hand

First appearance: Iron Fist #14 1977

Bio: Victor Creed's mutation manifested when he was a child. He accidentally killed his own brother. His father chained him up and tortured him for what he did. Victor broke free and killed his father. His mother who only showed him kindness Victor did not kill. As a young teenager Victor gave in to his vicious nature and murdered several people on a whim. Victor's homicidal tendencies did not diminish when he met Raven but only intensified. Victor eventually aligned himself with Mystique's Brotherhood and helped murder Rhane Sinclair's foster mother Moira. Years earlier Victor inflicted harm on his mortal enemy Logan killing Logan's girlfriend Silver Fox. Victor Creed was forced to join X-Factor but he betrayed the team wounding all of it's members. Years later he was also forced to join the X-Men but he betrayed them as well. Victor reduced to a feral state killed the former mutant Feral. Logan who had enough of Victor's homicidal actions killed Victor. However this was only a clone of Victor he appeared years later as the leader of a branch of the Hand recruiting Mystique and the Silver Samurai II.

Real name: First name unknown last name Bishop alias Shard

Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7 Weight: 131 lbs.

Unusual features: Shard has blonde hair and blue eyes due to mutation

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #314 1994

Bio: The young mutant known as Shard was the younger sister of Lucas Bishop. They grew up in internment camps for mutants as children until the X.S.E. rescued them. The X.S.E. trained them in the use of their mutant abilities. As adults they served as members of the X.S.E. Lucas' sister was killed by beings called Emplates. A grief stricken Lucas traveled backwards in time to the present there he met Forge who created an artificial being patterned after Shard. Shard joined X-Factor until the team disbanded. When Lucas was pulled in to a future ruled by Trevor Fitzroy, Shard followed him. Shard sacrificed her life to fuel Lucas' ability and enable him to kill Fitzroy.

Real name: Kyle Gibney alias Wild Child

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'8 Weight: 152 lbs.

Unusual features: Pointed ears, enlarged canines, retractable sharpened
claws and eyes with no visible pupils or irises

First appearance: Alpha Flight Vol. 1 #1 1983

Bio: Kyle Gibney when his mutation first manifested became animal like he killed several people and was recruited by villains. He underwent a secondary mutation becoming handsome. Kyle Gibney redeemed himself taking the name Wild Heart and joined Alpha Flight. In a more feral form he became a member of the third X-Factor team but it disbanded. Sometime later Kyle was abducted by Weapon-X program they made him more feral in appearance and unleashed his darker side making him a killer again. When the Scarlet Witch depowered most mutants Kyle was one of them to lose his abilities but he became handsome again. Kyle was unable to shake the Weapon-X programs brainwashing and tried to kill Wolverine only to be killed by Omega Red.

Real name: Unknown alias Archer

Hair color: Grey Eyes: Blue

Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #140 1997

Bio: The mutant known as Archer hailed from Bishop's future as a member of an offshoot of the X.S.E. called the X.U.E. founded by Trevor Fitzroy. However Fitzroy showed his true colors and betrayed the X.U.E. Archer traveled back in time to repair the damages done to the future. He wound up in the body of a criminal named Jude Black. Archer himself a widow who lost his wife and son found a chance to start over raising Black's son and going out with Black's wife.

Real name: Unknown alias Fixx

Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6 Weight: Unknown

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #140 1997

Bio: Fixx was the field leader of a group called the X.U.E. she came to the present with her team to rewrite history. Fixx briefly found herself joining X-Factor with her team mates but Archer left to pursue a new life and Greystone died. Whether Fixx was depowered as a result of M-Day and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Real name: Devlin Greystone alias Greystone

Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown

Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown

First appearance: X-Factor Vol. 1 #140 1997

Bio: Devlin Greystone hails from Lucas Bishop's future. A native of New Zealand Devlin was recruited by Trevor Fitzroy in to the X.U.E. He went back in time with Archer and Fixx to alter the past and save the future. Stuck in the past Devlin sought a way to return home he accidentally created a bomb aboard a plane which exploded with him and Havok in it. Havok survived the blast but Devlin seemingly perished.

Real name: Kurt Wagner alias Nightcrawler

Hair color: Blue Eyes: All yellow no visible irises or pupils

Height: 5'9 Weight: 161 lbs.

Unusual features: Pointed ears, enlarged canines, yellow eyes, three
fingers on each hand, a tail and is covered in blue fur

First appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 1975

Bio: Kurt Wagner is a handful of mutants born a mutant like Jamie Madrox. A man named Tryp called them an offshoot of mutant kind called changelings. His father was visibly a mutant named Azazel and his mother the villain Mystique. Mystique tried to kill Kurt dropping him off a cliff but Kurt teleported to safety. He was found by a Gypsy woman named Margali Szardos who raised him as her own son. Kurt as a teenager grew up with his foster sister Amanda and foster brother Stefan. Kurt's brother Stefan had a dark side and tried to murder people forcing Kurt to kill Stefan. Kurt fled from his family. He was discovered in Germany by an angry mob who tried to kill him. Charles Xavier saved his life and Kurt joined the Giant-Size X-Men. When the X-Men seemingly perished Kurt became a founding member of Excalibur. Kurt returned to the ranks of the X-Men and was a mainstay member. He was caught up in the Necrosha event which he survived only to be killed by Bastion. Kurt appeared alive in another realm and seeks to return to the regular realm.

Real name: James Howlett alias Wolverine

Hair color: Black Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'3 Weight: 300 lbs.

Unusual features: Retractable claws in each arm

First appearance: Incredible Hulk #180 1974

Bio: James Howlett's older brother manifested the same abilities James would later display he accidentally slashed his mother. James' father fearful of his son killed him. James grew up in Canada in the eighteen hundreds he was a sickly child but came from a privileged family. His two friends were a girl named Rose and a boy named Logan. One day an employee of his father's came in drunk he shot and killed James' parents. James' bone claws popped out for the first time and he killed the man. The man's son Logan attacked him and James slashed him across the face. Terrified by what he had become he fled with Rose. He grew up with her but Logan tracked him down. James went to kill Logan but Rose stepped in front of her brother. James tripped and impaled Rose killing her. Years later he was abducted by the Weapon-X program and given an Adamantium skeleton and claws. James no longer knew who he was and took the name Logan. Weapon-X made him kill several people. Logan broke free and slew several of the guards. He met James and Heather Hudson they took in James Howlett and took care of him. James Hudson attempted to groom James Howlett to lead Alpha Flight. James was recruited by the Giant-Size X-Men. Years later when the Scarlet Witch depowered most mutants James regained his memory and set out to punish those who had tormented him. James suffered two major blows the first was when he was with the New X-Men and Jean Grey was killed the second was when Bastion killed Nightcrawler.

Real name: Layla Rose Miller Madrox alias Butterfly

Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7 Weight: 132 lbs.

Unusual features: M shape tattoo over right eye

First appearance: House of M #4 2005

Bio: Layla Rose Miller first appeared when the Scarlet Witch altered reality and created a reality where Magneto ruled a mutant nation. She was a young preteen at the time who was gifted with knowledge of future events. When X-Factor Investigations formed young Layla joined them. Layla Miller during the battle with Bastion's forces was pulled in to the future she grew up in Bishop's timeline and became a young adult before making her way back to the present. Layla revealed a secret the only reason she knew things was because her older self gave the knowledge to her younger self her true mutant ability was the ability to raise dead people who just died. But at a price they had no soul. Layla brought Guido back from the dead. When Jamie was killed the team was split over whether to bring him back. Eventually Jamie's soul returned to his body. X-Factor battled the demon lords of hell and the team was scattered afterwards. Layla found Jamie and settled down with him telling him the goods news she was pregnant.

Real name: Armando Munoz alias Darwin

Hair color: Bald Eyes: All white with no visible pupils or irises.
Eye color was originally brown

Height: 6'4 Weight: 150 lbs.

Unusual features: Skin was originally white after mutation.
No visible pupils or irises

First appearance: X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2 2006

Bio: When a young Chicano Armando manifested mutant abilities he was visibly different from others his skin was pale and he no longer had visible pupils and irises. The other children were frightened by Armando. As a teenager he was taken in by Moira MacTaggert. Professor Xavier recruited him to his second team of X-Men to rescue the originals from Krakoa. The mission was a disaster fellow mutants Petra and Sway were killed and Darwin became a being of pure energy placing himself inside Kid Vulcan. Years later Kid Vulcan returned to Earth vengeful towards Xavier for what he suffered. Kid Vulcan blamed D'ken for his mother's death. Kid Vulcan killed D'ken and took over the Sh'iar empire. Darwin with several X-Men confronted Vulcan. Darwin was separated from Havok, Marvel Girl II and Polaris. He returned to Earth and left the X-Men. Darwin was recruited in to X-Factor Investigations. He battled the Norse God Hela and gained the powers over death. Darwin shocked at what he had become left X-Factor. He returned years later to kill Rhane Sinclair's son Tier who would unleash demons on Earth. Darwin could not kill Tier and the hell lords arrived. In the end it was Guido who killed Tier and became ruler of hell. Armando found Monet and after a brief fight the two became a couple leaving X-Factor Investigations.

Real name: Longshot alias Longshot

Hair color: Blond Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'2 Weight: 80 lbs.

Unusual features: Hollow bones, four fingers on each hand and
left eye glows a yellow star when using luck powers

First appearance: Longshot #1 1985

Bio: The alien known as Longshot was genetically created by an alien named Ares. He was created to serve as entertainment for the spineless ones. Longshot rebelled against his slavery and sought to overthrow the ruler Mojo. Eventually he made his way to Earth. The X-Men Dazzler and Rogue were in love with Longshot. But it was Dazzler who he dated. Eventually Longshot returned to Mojo World with Dazzler to fight against Mojo's forces. Dazzler eventually made her way back to Earth and years later rejoined the X-Men. Longshot on the other hand joined the Exiles. After that he left and later resurfaced as a member of X-Factor Investigations. Before the team disbanded Julio learned the origin of Shatterstar and Longshot. Dazzler and Longshot were the parents of Shatterstar well Longshot was created using Shatterstar's DNA.

Real name: Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix alias M

Hair color: Black Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'7 Weight: 125 lbs.

First appearance: Generation-X #1 1994

Bio: Monet and her younger siblings Claudette and Nicole along with their brother Marius were the children of wealthy parents. When Marius' mutation manifested he killed their mother. Monet's father drove Marius away. Vengeful Marius returned he trapped Monet inside the Penance body and abducted her. Monet's sisters knew their father would be grief stricken so they used their own mutant abilities to merge together and pose as Monet. The two sisters were recruited in to Generation-X as M. However they managed to trade places with Monet and took her place inside Penance. During Operation Zero Tolerance they were freed from the Penance form. Monet after Generation-X disbanded joined the X-Corps. Years later she became a member of X-Factor Investigations. Guido was attracted to Monet but she did not love Guido. When X-Factor disbanded Monet wound up with Armando.

Real name: Gaveedra Seven alias Shatterstar

Hair color: Red Eyes: Blue

Height: 6'3 Weight: 95 lbs.

Unusual features: Hollow bones and
black star mark over right eye

First appearance: New Mutants Vol. 1 #99 1991

Bio: The alien known as Gaveedra Seven came from Mojo World. He joined the New Mutants and was a founding member of X-Force. At one point Mojo revealed Gaveedra was a human named Benjamin Russell. This was a lie and Gaveedra was left without a clue as to his true identity. Gaveedra did not stay with X-Force for long and soon left the team. He returned to join a temporary X-Force team to battle a new threat. Years later Gaveedra joined X-Factor Investigations now aware of his origin. Gaveedra chose not to tell his teammates. He formed a close relationship with Julio which made Julio's ex-girlfriend Rhane jealous. When X-Factor disbanded Gaveedra told Julio of his connection to Longshot. Gaveedra and Julio found themselves stranded in the future.

Real name: Theresa Mauve Rourke Cassidy alias Siryn

Hair color: Red Eyes: Green

Height: 5'7 Weight: 130 lbs.

First appearance: Spider-Woman #37 1981

Bio: Theresa Mauve Rourke was the daughter of the X-Man Sean Cassidy and Mauve Rourke. Mauve died when Theresa was a child and her father did not know of her existence. She was raised by her uncle Tom Cassidy. Theresa took to the life of a criminal. But that changed when she found her father. Theresa went to Muir Island and dated Moira's foster son Jamie Madrox. Theresa avoided the life of a super hero until years later when she joined X-Force. She even became team leader for awhile. Theresa went on to join X-Factor Investigations. She was dealt a terrible blow when she found out her father had been killed. Theresa became a Banshee to heal teammate Lorna. X-Factor disbanded and Theresa was unaware that her father had been resurrected by the Apocalypse twins using the Death Seed and Life Seed.

Real name: Douglas Ramsey alias Cypher

Hair color: Blond Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'9 Weight: 150 lbs.

First appearance: New Mutants Vol. 1 #13

Bio: Doug Ramsey did not discover that he was a mutant until well in to his teens. Originally he was a close friend of the X-Men member Katherine Kitty Pryde. With Cerebro the New Mutants and X-Men learned that Doug was really a mutant. He was recruited to help them communicate with the alien Warlock II. Doug became a mainstay member of the New Mutants until he died shielding Rhane Sinclair from a gunshot by the Animator. Doug's story did not end with his death he was brought back from the dead by Selene and Eli Bard using techno organic technology. The reformed New Mutants battled the brainwashed Doug and Warlock II used his own abilities to free Doug from Selene's control he also restored Doug to life. Doug stayed with the New Mutants until they disbanded again. Currently he is a member of the All-New X-Factor team.

Real name: Danger alias none

Hair color: No hair Eye color: Blue

Height: 6'0 Weight: 275 lbs.

First appearance: Astonishing X-Men Vol. 3 #9

Bio: Danger first came in to existence when Professor Charles Xavier with the help of the Shi'ar designed a new Danger Room. Charles knew the Danger Room possessed artificial intelligence but he kept it secret from the X-Men. When the Astonishing X-Men formed Danger broke free from her restraints and tried to kill them. She took the form of a robotic female humanoid. Danger found her programming would not allow her to kill the X-Men. She made amends with them and years later joined the X-Men becoming a warden of their prisoners. Recently she has joined the All-New X-Factor team.

Real name: Remy LeBeau alias Gambit

Hair color: Brown Eye color: Red

Height: 6'2 Weight: 179 lbs.

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Annual 1990

Bio: Remy LeBeau grew up an orphan he was found and raised by his adoptive father. His adoptive father trained Remy to be a thief and as a teenager he joined the Thieves Guild. As a young adult Remy was recruited by Mister Sinister to put together the Marauders. He led them to the Morlocks who the Marauders massacred. Remy tried to stop them but he was wounded by Sabretooth. Remy rescued a young mutant named Sarah and escaped. Years later he met Ororo Munroe who had been reverted to a child. He aided her and when she was restored to her adult self Remy accepted an invitation to join the X-Men. Remy was kicked off the X-Men for a while when Magneto revealed his involvement in the Morlock massacre. Remy LeBeau and Shiro Yoshida were captured and brainwashed by the mutant Apocalypse. Remy became the new Death well Shiro became the new Famine. Eventually Remy's mind was restored and he joined the Marauders to get help for his girlfriend Rogue. Remy eventually returned to the X-Men currently he is a member of the All-New X-Factor team.

Real name: Warlock alias none

Hair color: No hair Eye color: Black

Height: Variable Weight: Variable

First appearance: New Mutants Vol. 1 #18

Bio: Warlock II is a techno organic being from the planet Kych among his alien species he is a mutant and possesses emotions. He fled to Earth when his father Magus tried to kill him. He met the New Mutants who took him in as a member of their team. Warlock was a mainstay member of the New Mutants until he was killed by Cameron Hodge in Genosha. Years later his body was reactivated he took on the appearance of a techno organic Doug Ramsey and called himself Douglock. He joined Excalibur until they disbanded then he returned to outer space. Recently events brought Warlock now in his original form back to Earth he found the New Mutants back together again and joined their ranks. After they disbanded for a second time Warlock went on to join the All-New X-Factor team.